“I enjoyed this experience and I learned many new things. Each module has sharpened my knowledge about Marketing and I believe that CPG Camp is a wonderful supplement to my academic courses.”

Undergraduate, Bentley University

“I believe CPG Camp gives me a real leg-up.”

MBA, University of Chicago Booth School of Business


“CPG Camp exposed me to the real-life functions of a brand manager more than any class I've taken during my MBA program”

MBA, Moore School of Business, USC

“I thought the content was very clear and I liked having multiple ways to engage with the content (audio, visual, written). I also really appreciated the individual feedback for how my answers could be improved. That alone was very valuable.”

MBA, Tippie College of Business, University of Iowa

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“I liked how the videos and assignments were structured because they were not too long and overwhelming. I felt as though I learned a lot of new things in a short period of time.”

Undergraduate, Bentley University

“I enjoyed the experience with CPG Camp. As a career switcher and someone who has only taken a single marketing class, I found the information to be very thorough. It helped me fill in some of the gaps for my marketing knowledge, and also provided me with a solid introduction to brand management that I otherwise would not have gotten.”

MBA, 1st Year, University of Illinois


“It enforced my pursuit of becoming a brand manager. After finishing the camp the CPG Camp, I know that I can excel at this profession.”

MBA, 2nd Year, Moore School of Business, USC

“Very good. The content was excellent - I learned a lot. The videos and assignments were concise and informative.”

MBA, Tippie College of Business, University of Iowa


“The videos were fast paced and the associated handouts are a good resource to have as a reference. In terms of learning, I thought each video was very clear and concise, and made the key takeaways very clear. After every video I definitely learned something new.”

MBA, 2nd Year, Carroll School of Management, Boston College

“The CPG camp provided a comprehensive understanding of the role of marketing within the CPG industry. Not only did it provide an insider's look at the role of the brand manager, and all of his/her responsibilities in that role, but it also introduced me to the other important stakeholders in the processes. It helped me to better understand the CPG industry as a whole, and whether or not I would enjoy working in it.”

MBA, 1st Year, Moore School of Business, USC

“I appreciated the delivery of material, the course load was perfect in addition to our current MBA coursework.”

MBA, 1st Year, Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University

“It has been a great 2 week experience with CPG. Its amazing to see how much I have learned about marketing development of CPG's in such short period of time. I am also very pleased with the helpfulness and kindness of the support center.”

MBA, 1st Year, Graduate School of Management, Clark University


“Thank you all for your efforts to deliver grades on a timely basis with personalized feedback. I look forward to continuing the CPG Camp experience with resume feedback and potential interview critique.”

MBA, 1st Year, Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University

“I very much enjoyed the CPG Camp. I felt that it was incredibly well organized and executed. The videos and assignments were well paired and provided much needed insight into the industry and the day-to-day responsibilities. I would highly recommend this tutorial to anyone interested in Brand Management as a career.”

MBA, Moore School of Business, USC


“I had a very pleasant experience with CPG Camp. I learned a lot through the lectures. The assignments were very well-designed since most of the problems are application problems where I had to apply the theories I learned instead of just memorizing them.”

Undergraduate, Junior, Bentley University