@EngageSciences found that 4.7% of consumer brands’ customers generate social referrals. Thus, consumer brands should figure out who these 4.7% of customers are and encourage them to advocate more on their brand’s behalf. 3 ways to do this from @adage:

“Invest in community managers.”

  • Find individuals who represent the front line of a brand’s one-to-one communication with customers & elevate their roles within the marketing organization
  • Community managers figure out which social-media users are part of the 4.7%
  • Provide personalized customer services to increase customer passion

“Reciprocate on Instagram and other social platforms.”

  • Strategy of hiring social media micro-celebrities with sizable followings to integrate products into posts is incomplete
  • Marketers should tap into social media users who have a true passion for their brand - even if not an influencer
  • Instagram has high engagement and should be apart of core social CRM strategy
  • Show appreciation to posters of branded content via a little recognition (e.g. likes, comments)

“Invite top influencers to join a customer advisory board.”

  • A more strategic approach to consumer focus groups

  • Helps develop deeper relationships w/ top influencers

  • Leverage creativity of how customers use brand products

  • Get into the minds of people who use brand products & are able to convince others to the brand's products