Amazon could give big CPG brands an edge over smaller players with Amazon Dash, its push-button auto-replenishment service (currently being tested with select Amazon Prime members). Dash, which will be available to its 40M+ Prime members (conversion rates 60%), could help CPG brands in terms of e-commerce as well as make the popular home-delivery subscription model work better. Dash could be similar to miniature end-caps in homes and become a conduit for trade-promotion funds as brands bid for these buttons. Brands participating include: @ProcterGamble’s @Tide, @Gillette, @Bounty and @OlayUS; @LOrealParisUSA’s Youth Code, @Clorox’s Clorox Wipes and Glad Trash Bags, @KCCorp’s Cottonelle and Huggies, @CocaCola’s @smartwater, and @kraftfoods’ Maxwell House and Mac & Cheese. Amazon is focused on CPG as an area of growth and revenue. - Link