@facebook announced that its Q1 2015 ad revenues increased 46% over its Q1 2014 ad revenues to $3.32B. Mobile ads drove a big part of this growth, accounting for ~73% of its overall ad revenue for the quarter. Facebook announced that it has 4 priorities for its ad products:

Mobile & Video:

  • @instagram represents +20% of all time spent on mobile devices (large opportunity)

  • Facebook wants to help businesses follow consumers who are shifting to mobile

  • Big part = video. 75% of global video views on Facebook are on mobile.

  • Video will play a big role in attracting advertisers to mobile advertising

Ad Targeting

  • Facebook’s focused on finding ways to make ads more relevant to users both on and off Facebook

    • Custom Audiences, Dynamic Product Ads, carousel ads on Facebook and Instagram, ad tech initiatives with LiveRail,  and its “people-based” ad targeting tool Atlas


  • Will continue investing in products like conversion lift tool to make sure and prove that its ads yield positive results to marketers