“Don’t be tempted to over-complicate things”

  • Take things slowly and get the basics right

    • E.g. Timely welcome message

    • Ongoing quarterly contact

Involve staff in the romance of the sign-up”

  • Well trained and incentivized ground staff can make a huge difference

    • Must know the ins and outs of the program

  • Recognize and reward staff members who deliver quality & quantity

    • The @LEVIS in Thailand revamped its in-store Loop reward program, had a complete creative revamp (in-store and on e-communications), and regularly rewarded its best performing shop staff. This resulted in a 400% increase in member sign-ups and ongoing “brandmance.”

Give consumers a warm fuzzy feeling”

  • “Make sure loyalty members are the first to know about important news, product previews, early chance to buy, launch party invites, etc.

“Be creative, go for the heart”

  • Think of rewards that make your brand stand out and hit an emotional cord

    • E.g. A small donation that could be given to charity and could become a regular reward for loyalty

      • This would build an emotional relationship and people feel good about doing good deeds

“Consider your channels”

  • Push messages out via a combination of different channels

    • Email (~80% remain unopened)

    • SMS (not very creative)

    • Direct Mail/ Telephone (Expensive)

    • Facebook’s target audiences product

      • Enables marketers to reach customers who didn’t open their emails

    • Keep communicating!