Here are 5 suggestions for brands that want to break through the noise from @Progressive.


  • “Don’t Follow the Latest Trends”

Forge your own paths and be leaders - don’t blend in

Progressive was able to use nostalgia or “memory-lane marketing” to differentiate itself from other insurance companies and inject itself into Internet culture

  • “Do things people don’t expect of you”

  • “Run your operation like a Hollywood studio”

Progressive has built a host of supporting characters around Flo and has built storylines around these characters for over 8 years

“Fresh content wins”

  • Don’t rely on demographic data”

Demographic data can be misleading at times - it is the ‘so what?’ that matters more

Led to Progressive’s newest character- Baby Man

  • “Disruption is not dead”

Disruption is not outdated

“If you don’t disrupt, you’re wasting money”