Three trends that marketers need to know in 2015

  • Social media is increasingly becoming paid media.

    • The time when marketers could get visibility for their content without buying media is fading away. Brands now have to pay popular social media websites like Facebook to get visibility. However, the content should be relevant and engaging.

  • Social activity is shifting from public to private.

    • While the use of social media is increasing, most of its growth is from private social activity (sending direct messages to select individuals/friends - not the public). The fastest growing apps between the first and third quarters of 2014 were Snapchat (messages self-destruct), Facebook Messenger, Line, Instagram, and Pinterest. Marketers cannot monitor these conversations and need to find a way to stay relevant with these nearly invisible audiences.

  • People are buying less from brands and more from each other.

    • More and more startups and models are disrupting practically every vertical. For example, Airbnb directly competes with hotel chains and Uber and Lyft compete with taxi operators and car services.