While 2014 was the year of content marketing, 2015 is expected to be the year that brands understand their audiences and prove return on investment (ROI) by focusing on measuring their efforts with each individual consumer.

Here are 10 predictions for the content marketing industry:

  • “Marketing will become people-focused”

    • Marketers will focus on individual people’s interests and preferences, and create and deliver the right content, at the right time, and for the right person.

  • “Big brands will focus intently on content governance”

    • Governance and compliance of content will be of greater priority and focus

  • “Feeds will force brands to invest in owned versus social”

    • There will be a rise in owned and offline channels

    • Brands will grow their audiences on their own terms via off-platform content experiences and owned channels vs. the social algorithms that are continuing to push branded content from organic to paid

  • “Big brands and tech companies will battle over journalists”

    • Journalists will be in demand as big brands and tech platforms (e.g. Google and Twitter) look for content editors, data journalists, corporate storytellers, and other content marketing opportunities

  • “Marketers will become growth engines for their businesses”

    • Marketers have to prove that they are increasing revenue and their ability to grow businesses through content

    • Marketers will tie value to their content marketing strategy and prove that the relationships they’re building add revenue

  • “The path to millennials will be individualism”

    • Millennials are independent and marketers will embrace their individuality as opposed to lumping them into a single demographic to inspire brand loyalty

    • Marketers will begin tailoring content to individual cultural interests, location, price ranges, etc.

  • “Content marketing providers will focus on solutions partners”

    • Market integrations are becoming more invaluable as content marketing becomes more aligned with business goals

    • Technology providers will find new integration opportunities to benefit clients and grow their partner ecosystem through exclusive contracts

  • “Market consolidation will expand into content marketing”

    • Content marketing platforms may be the next targets for legacy players looking to build out cross-channel solutions

    • Real technology innovation will be the factor that sets apart the leaders and laggards in the world of social and content platforms

  • “Video will play a larger role in content strategy”

    • Brands will leverage platforms like Vine and Youtube to quickly create video content in order to reach their audiences in real-time

  • “Content exchanges will become a top priority”

    • Centralized platforms will need to be created where brands can create, collaborate, share and publish content at scale

    • With these content exchanges, marketers will be able ot measure what content is performing and why