Retailers can take advantage of @Snapchat’s ephemeral features and personal feel to drive store visits, increase in-store sales, and increase customer engagement.

  • “In-store only coupons with a surprise offer”

    • Retailers can send snaps to consumers with a mystery coupon amount

    • Users won’t know the coupon amount until they bring their purchases to the register or use their lone replay

  • “Scavenger hunt, Snapchat-style”

    • A “scavenger hunt” around a store can help create excitement around products and drive store visits

  • “Bluetooth plus Snapchat”

    • When consumers enter a store or a designated area, retailers can send a snap to consumers with a special coupon or offer

  • “Build anticipation for new items”

    • Send snaps of the highly anticipated item in-store arrival to customers

    • Heightens awareness

  • “Phone a friend”

    • Give customers a snap coupon if they send snaps to their friends of their latest purchases, and give their friends a snap coupon for their next visit

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