Marketing Tips from the Ad Age CMO Strategy Summit:

1. “Harness data to create content your audience wants.”

  • @kraftfoods analyzes a lot of first-party data to determine what kinds of content its consumers are interested in reading/watching.

2. “Target your messages to audience, not a specific medium.”

  • To better target your audience, use a combination of social media, digital video, and online storytelling.  This not only makes campaigns more targeted, but also leads to more efficient media buys.

3. “Think twice before calling your agency a vendor.”

  • Think of your agency as your colleagues.

4. “A quick, transparent response is key in a PR crisis.”

  • A company has to respond quickly in a PR crisis to steer the conversation.

  • It is also important to reiterate the company’s mission and have top executives speak publicly about what is going on.

5. “Lead rather than follow consumer trends.”

  • Consumers are currently gravitating towards brands related to health and fitness. Instead of trying to steal market share, companies like @Target are trying to promote the health and fitness industry by partnering up with natural consumer goods companies.

6. “Data puts marketing in charge.”

  • @Cisco’s CMO said, “Over two thirds of the [sales] process for a customer happens before they even talk to the company." Marketing owns the information about how customers engage before reaching out to sales, thus the marketing department is vital.

7. “Tap the social media mines for gold.”

  • @GoPro’s CMO emphasized that if “a brand has the gift of abundant user-generated content, marketers should seize it with a concerted effort.”

8. “Simple adjustments to a product's design can make it appealing in multiple markets.”

  • For example, @CocaCola tweaked the design of its bottles based on country to help introduce its World Cup campaign to 175 of the 207 markets it serves.