@mashable has 5 tips to increasing websites sales by 300%:

  1. “Add Video Content”

    1. Brains process visual info. 60,000x faster than text

    2. Increase conversion rates by 86%

    3. 44% of customers purchase more products on sites that have informational videos

  2. “Go global and multicultural”

    1. A multilingual and multicultural website will increase overall market potential up to 200%

  3. “Prevent Downtime”

    1. “57% of visitors abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to load.”

    2. “24% of people cite downtime as the reason they abandoned their shopping carts”

  4. “Responsive Design”

    1. Most consumers access sites across multiple devices

    2. Consistent visitor experience across devices is important

  5. “Post Customer Reviews”

    1. “According to Forrester Research, consumers trust brand recommendations from friends 70% of the time, and ads only 10% of the time”

    2. Could lead to 18% increase in online sales

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