A panel of entrepreneurs from the @TheYEC (Young Entrepreneur Council) were asked to give their top marketing don’ts, specifically with startups in mind. This is what they said:  

  1. “Using a hashtag for everything”

    • Make sure your hashtags are not already being used

    • Don’t overcrowd your messages with hashtags (unprofessional)

    • Be strategic with social media choices

  2. “Not engaging with your customers on social media”

    • Talk to your people

    • Using your own unique brand voice, your page should be entertaining, educational, and inspirational to create perceived value of your company

  3. “Buying followers to boost credibility”

    • Bought followers are not real or most likely not your target audience

    • Build real relationships from the start

  4. “Waiting to ‘go viral’”

    • First: Marketers need to create compelling content

    • Second: Marketers need to promote it to a very targeted audience to snowball via word-of-mouth

    • Make sure people are aware that your content exists

  5. “Looking to a PR firm for a quick media fix”

    • PR firms are very expensive - not enough bang for your buck

    • “Focus and build relationships on your verticle”

    • Provide value to the community

  6. “Worrying too much about imitators”

    • Even if bigger guys “borrow” from your playbook, trust that your audience will support your brand

    • Focus on continuing to be one step ahead

  7. “Using Facebook ads”

    • 70% of companies will not benefit from Facebook ads, 10% of companies will thrive on them, 20% break even - figure out which category your company falls into

    • Here is how to test:

      • Set aside ~$500-1000 for Facebook ads

      • Test several ads for a couple diff. landing pages & spend the money evenly throughout the week (run it every day of the week)

      • You will find the answer in 7 days

    • Facebook ads don’t work for many startups

  8. “Advertising without testing”

    • Important to focus on getting positive ROI from paid ads

    • Analyze and test early user flows

    • Improve conversions, retention and monetization

    • Don’t put money into ads without making sure they work