Despite ecommerce cutting into a large chunk of brick-and-mortar sales, @simonmalls found in its 2014 “Holiday Shopping Behavior Survey” that:

  • 83% of holiday shoppers will shop at the mall this holiday season

  • 89% of millennials shoppers (ages 18-33) will shop at the mall this holiday season

  • 78% reported that the wide variety of stores helps them find the right gift

  • 85% said the mall was helpful for shopping for different people

  • 81% of millennials believe shopping at the mall helps avoid the risk of gifts not arriving on time

  • 20% (the most of all age groups) of millennials plan on last-minute gift shopping on Christmas Eve

  • 76% of millennials & 72% of Gen Xers purchased a gift at a store’s mall location after browsing the store’s website

Furthermore, US nonanchor mall stores saw their highest average sales per square foot (in 10 years) of $468 in 2013. Link