As part of @ProcterGamble’s plan to divest 90-100 brands of its brands with the least growth or profit potential, P&G will divest its @Duracell battery business. Duracell, the #1 brand in the battery business both in the US & globally, has $1.1B in U.S. retail sales and ~$2B in global sales. The divestiture of Duracell was surprising to some, because P&G’s brand culling plan seemed to suggest that it would not divest from any of its billion-dollar brands. So far, P&G has announced its plans to divest these 21 brands:

  • Duracell

  • National Brand Batteries (China)

  • Neoblanc Bleach (Europe)

  • 7 Pet Care Brands (Iams, Eukanuba, Natura, & 4 smaller sublines of Natura)

  • Essex Laundry (Greece)

  • Rol Laundry (Greece)

  • Perla Laundry (Philippines)

  • Lavasan Laundry (Venezuela)

  • DDF Skin Care

  • Magia Blanca Bleach

  • Naomi Campbell Fragrance

  • Other fragrance brands with licenses allowed to expire (including Iman Cosmetics, Avril Lavigne, Replay, & Puma)