E-commerce holiday sales are expected to increase by ~17% this year, over 2013’s $61B. Here are tips from @mashable to most effectively market to consumers this holiday season:

  • Make it Personal (ex: @OfficeMax’s Elf Yourself)

    • Personalize the user experience

    • Have consumers create shareable content while interacting with your brand

  • Use your Human Resources (ex: @REI’s #giftpicks campaign)

    • Empower your fellow employees to help get your brand’s word out

  • Go Mobile (ex: @Macys Black Friday Mobile App)

    • ~16% of 2013’s overall holiday sales were made via mobile

    • Make it easy for consumers to engage and buy across devices

    • Hype up your brand’s holiday deals/products with countdowns, previews, & exclusive content

  • Make your customers’ lives easier

    • What are you already doing that can make the lives of your potential customers easier at minimal added cost?

  • Use Email

    • @Accenture found that the two leading drivers of online purchases are free shipping and online-only discounts

    • Frequently email consumers with deals, discounts, coupons, & exclusive offerings

    • Minimize the number of clicks it takes to purchase