Land Your Dream Marketing Job or Internship



Land Your Dream Marketing Job or Internship

What is CPG Camp.

CPG Camp™ is an online boot camp that teaches highly relevant, real-world marketing and brand management skill sets. Its curriculum was designed by senior marketers from a variety of industries. Our top students earn resume screens or interviews at prestigious Consumer Packaged Goods companies.

How Does
It Work.

  1. Students receive real-world marketing training, insights, and assignments through an intensive online boot camp
    • The curriculum is self-paced and can be taken any time of the day
    • Each module takes 30 minutes to 1 hour

  2. Upon completion of the training, students take the Marketing Aptitude Test (MAT), which tests knowledge and application of the CPG Camp curriculum
    • The highest scoring students on the MAT will be virtually interviewed by the CPG Camp team, and the students that pass this screening will be provided resume screens or interviews at our partnering companies throughout the year
    • The MAT is 90 minutes long and must be taken in one sitting in front of a webcam accessible computer; a calculator is needed
    • Students can only take the MAT one time each year

  3. Upon completion of the training, students also enter into the CPG Camp talent database
    • Marketing companies get secure and exclusive access to our talent database and can search in real-time, any-time in order to fill career openings throughout the entire year
    • When there's a match, CPG Camp provides additional preparation and training services to select candidates in order to better prepare them for their upcoming interviews

Who is CPG Camp for.

Undergrads, MBAs, or Recent Grads wondering:

  • How can I get real-world marketing skills?
  • How can I break into the CPG industry?
  • How do I prepare for my internship or job?
  • How do I ace the marketing interview?
  • Is Brand Management for me?

Advisory Board.

The CPG Camp™ curriculum was informed by an advisory board of senior marketers who have worked at the following companies:

Meet the

Kirk: CPG Camp™ Managing Founder, previous Senior Brand Manager at Johnson & Johnson, MBA from Georgetown University, BSME from the Pennsylvania State University

Kosta: CPG Camp™ Managing Founder, CEO of Board Studios, previous marketer at UBS, MBA from Harvard Business School, BS from Harvard University

Susan: CPG Camp™ Advisor, Executive Marketing Director for Global Skincare at Avon, MBA from Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania, BS from Harvard University